Totally not a review… yet.

February 19, 2011

This is not a review, unlike whatever I post later tonight. This is me setting a goal. Shocking, I know.

When I went to the midnight premier of Human Centipede at the Music Box they did as many theaters do. They played ads for movies geared toward the assumed tastes of the audience. One of those ads was for Birdemic. I have yet to see this movie.



Yeah. I think I need time though. I have to work out. Hone my skills. Learn to shoot arrows through flying tomatoes and into circle targets on a tree. Be able to guard against flying rocks with a bucket full of water balanced on my head (just watched Mulan, which is actually a great movie. I cried. Whatever. Don’t judge me, we both know whats in YOUR browser history.)

Anyway, I need to be prepared, because this very well may be the worst movie in existence.

Someone call Ed Wood’s tombstone and give it the good news.


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